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Peach Drying Machine


Peach Drying Machine is a high-quality large mesh belt drying equipment. It is developed and produced according to the characteristics of Peach and combined with the application of new energy technology to quickly dry with good quality, which can greatly preserve the inherent vitamins, trace elements and color of mulberry, promote sugar conversion and effectively provide its taste. To meet the needs of Peach properties and customer satisfaction, modular combination can be customized according to different output requirements.


Peach dryer features 1. Smooth operation, automatic inspection, and layered   temperature control.
2. No vibration, low noise and simple operation.
3. The bracts are evenly dried and the color is white.
4. The drying cycle is short, the drying cost is low, and the   production capacity is large.
5. High degree of automation, saving labor and effort.
Drying medium Dry hot air

The mesh belt material

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