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Vegetable Mesh Belt Dryer

Vegetable Mesh Belt Dryer is suitable for drying a variety of vegetables.

Vegetable Mesh Belt Dryer is suitable for drying a variety of vegetables. Vegetable mesh belt dryer has good drying effect and high drying quality. The degree of intelligence is also high. Fresh vegetables can be dried in and out, which is simple and easy to operate.


New Model 2021 Konjac Drying Oven Machine Best Seller Conveyor Drying Machine

SHOUCHUANG DRYING MACHINERY is a professional manufacturer of large-scale konjac dryer. The konjac dryer has guaranteed product quality and long service life. SHOUCHUANG DRYING MACHINERY was established in 2002. After years of development, there are many varieties and types of fruit and vegetable dryers to meet the requirements of fruit and vegetable dehydration.

Nanchong's first technology dryer is widely used to dry large quantities of condiments, such as raw ginger, clove, cinnamon, pepper, pepper, fruits such as lemon, apple, mango, vegetables such as konjac and alfalfa.



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