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Food Dehydrator

Food Dehydrator is suitable for the drying needs of small and medium-sized food

Food Dehydrator is suitable for the drying needs of small and medium-sized food. Shouchuang Dryer's food dehydrator is a large high-quality dehydrator equipment.The food dehydrator can remove the water from different foods. In the process of use, the food dehydrator can set the temperature and time for dehydration.


Product features of food dehydrator
It can dehydrate a variety of foods
The temperature and time of dehydration are controllable and adjustable
Easy to use, plug in and use
It is easy to operate and use the touch screen to set the temperature

Working principle
The mesh belt type through flow dryer uses the hot air produced by telectric heating pipe as the drying medium, and transmits the hot air to the dryer through the hot air distribution parts to dry the materials. the hot air flows through the mesh belt and the material layer on it from the bottom to the top, with multi-layer circulation and turnover, drying layer by layer, uniform heat exchange and charging Points, high production efficiency, good product quality.
In the whole equipment, the hot air on-off and air volume, the temperature in the drying room and other states can be adjusted by the electric control system, achieving continuous production, greatly improving work efficiency, reducing labor intensity and saving labor cost.

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