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Citru Drying Machine


The Citru Drying Machine is a large-scale drying equipment that can be flexibly customized, meeting the requirements of Citru drying.This is a product designed based on the characteristics of Citru, which meets the drying and water loss requirements of fruit residue and achieves different drying effects. At the same time, personalized design can also be made according to the processing requirements of different users.


The multifunctional Citru Drying Machiner has a series of unique features, making it an ideal choice for large-scale production of Citru Drying:

1. High drying efficiency: The multifunctional Citru Drying Machine adopts advanced hot air circulation system and effective drying technology, which can quickly evaporate the moisture in the orange peel and achieve efficient drying. Large scale Citru processing no longer requires a lot of time and human resources, and production efficiency has been significantly improved.

2. Multiple drying modes: The Citru Drying Machine is equipped with multiple drying modes, which can be adjusted according to different orange peel characteristics and drying needs. This multifunctional dryer can effectively handle both wet fresh Citru and pre processed pressed orange peel, ensuring excellent drying results.

3. Energy conservation and environmental protection: The multifunctional orange peel dryer can effectively utilize energy and reduce energy waste during the drying process. At the same time, the recycling and utilization of orange peel resources has reduced the generation of waste, which is beneficial for environmental protection and sustainable development.

4. Automation control: The multifunctional Citru Drying Machine is equipped with an intelligent automatic control system, which is easy to operate and can achieve fully automated drying process control, reducing the possibility of manual intervention, and improving the stability and reliability of the production line.

Shouchuang SC vegetable series konjac drying machine components                      

1.Heat exchange furnace.

2.Heat exchange furnace draft fan with chimney.

3.Fan (own brand fan).

4.Chili drying equipment system (Food grade stainless steel,drying temperature 30~160 degree centigrade).

5.Feeding conveyor.

6.Discharge conveyor.

7.Control panel.

8.Remote control temperature and humidity control system.

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