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Chili Drying Equipment


Chili Drying Equipment is a continuous large-scale hot-air drying equipment. 

It is a kind of equipment that materials are transported by stainless steel mesh, and the pure hot air provided by the hot stove or heat pump is used as the drying medium to exchange heat with the pepper in the oven, so as to promote the drying of the pepper.

Chili Drying Equipment

This equipment has the advantages of small footprint, high drying quality, fast drying efficiency and low processing cost.

Characteristics of chili drying equipment

The pepper baking room can be made of color steel or stainless steel, which is beautiful and durable.

The feeding machine is equipped with a spreading device to control the thickness and uniformity of the material layer.

The multi-layer mesh belt structure is adopted in the drying room, which makes the equipment in the drying room occupy a small area.

The capsicum is continuously flipped and dried evenly during the movement of the mesh belt.

According to the customer's needs, we can design the specifications of 10-40 meters long and 2-8 layers to meet the drying requirements of different materials and different output.

We can dry the pepper varieties


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