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Zucchini Drying Machine

Zucchini Drying Machine is divided into static and dynamic types. 

Zucchini Drying machines are divided into fully automatic and semi-automatic, also known as static and dynamic. The difference between these two, which are very straightforward in appearance, is the form. Fully automatic is designed by a mesh belt structure, and the so-called fully automatic means that chili peppers do not require manual operation from feeding to discharging. However, in the semi-automatic stage, the chili peppers need to be manually placed on the drying truck and pushed into the drying room during the feeding stage. At the same time, after the drying is completed, they are manually pushed out of the drying room.

白芷 (5)

What are the characteristics of the products of Shouchuang Technology's dynamic drying machine, which are commonly used nowadays as dynamic drying equipment?

1. Large processing capacity. Our company's chili dryer basically adopts a mesh belt structure, continuous drying, with a daily processing capacity of several tons, tens of tons, and twenty tons, all of which can be customized according to customer requirements.

2. The appearance is beautiful, and the innovative technology chili dryer has a simple and elegant appearance.

3. Easy to operate, the pioneering technology chili pepper machine adopts a PLC system, and professional personnel are responsible for equipment installation and debugging, as well as training personnel to use it.

There are multiple heat sources available, including coal, natural gas, steam, biomass, electricity, etc., which are currently the first to be used in conjunction with other heat sources to meet the diverse needs of customers.

Product Overview
ShouChuang Technology the multi-stage pulse air supply mesh belt vegetable drying system is a national patent technology with independent intellectual property rights (Patent: 201220352434.4) . The cassava dryer is a dynamic-drying multi-layer mesh belt dryer. The cassava drying machine through the air supply system to the air according to the material drying process requirements into the drying room.
At the same time, the material through the automatic laying device, cleaning machine, slicing machine, lifting machine into the fruit drying machinery, and in the drying room along the horizontal direction to do section rotation, do "S" shaped operation, while the hot air vertically through the material, high heat transfer efficiency, so as to achieve the purpose of drying casssava.
The vegetable drying equipment special air supply method is adopted to make the heating area of the material larger and more uniform, and better preserve the color, fragrance and taste of the inherent quality of the material.
Vegetable dryer machine's application
The latest ShouChuang vegetable dryer machine for vegetable series ( cassava , sweet potato)use hot air circulation system and waste heat utilization system smooth working, simple operation, good color and non-pollution of dry products. easy installation, low transportation cost.
Due to the many kinds of vegetables, and the different attributes of vegetable materials, it will lead to different vegetable materials in the
drying temperature, process and drying time, if you are interested in our vegetable dryer or have a better idea, welcome to contact us!


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