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Prunes Drying Machine

Prunes Drying Machine is a fully automatic drying equipment

Prunes Drying Equipment is a fully automatic drying equipment designed and produced based on the drying process and technical requirements of Prunes

Product features:

Reasonable design, adopting assembly line design, and conducting reasonable drying treatment

Visual display, using PLC touch screen control system, can intuitively see the temperature and humidity display in the drying room on the display screen, intuitive display, and convenient regulation


Short cycle, high yield, clean drying process

The multi-layer belt type Forsythia drying equipment adopts a multi-layer structure, with a large drying area, which can achieve large-scale continuous production. The combustion air and the hot air entering the oven are two separate parts, and all substances formed by combustion are discharged from the air without polluting the items inside the box, meeting the export hygiene standards.

Uniform and sufficient heat and mass exchange, fast processing

The processed materials are transported by multi-layer mobile stainless steel mesh belts, and the hot air flows from bottom to top through the mesh belts and the material layers above them. The multi-layer circulation flips and dries layer by layer, resulting in uniform and sufficient heat and mass exchange, high production efficiency, and good product quality.

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