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What is the electric baking lily drying machine like?

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What is the electric baking lily dryer like?

Electric baking lily drying machine is a drying equipment that uses electric energy to provide heat. Electricity is a clean energy, friendly to the environment, and does not pollute the environment. Compared with the traditional drying method, the dryer can dry the lily more evenly, and the drying effect is better.

Lily drying machine

Lily drying machine assembly line is generally composed of a blanching machine at the front end and a dryer at the back end, with a conveying and cooling device connected in the middle.

Product Features of Electric Baked Lily Dryer

Environmental protection, electric energy is a clean energy, and there is no pollutant emission in the use process, so it is a more advocated energy

Flexible selection and heat source determination, but equipment size can be customized according to different output, and electric heating or air heating can also be selected according to the funds.

High degree of mechanization. For lily drying, the front end is generally equipped with a blanching machine to form a drying line. Lily is transferred to the dryer through the front end blanching, and the labor required is very small even under the large batch drying amount.

High thermal efficiency. The machine shell with heat preservation board is used to reduce the heat loss during drying, which can improve the drying efficiency of lily and reduce the processing cost.

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