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Star Anise Drying Equipment


Star Anise fruits can be directly used in daily seasoning, such as stewing, boiling, pickling, marinating, soaking, etc., and can also be directly processed into five spice seasoning powder. Direct consumption of star anise requires preliminary treatment - dehydration treatment before being sold to restaurants or individuals who need it.


Star Anise Drying Equipment adopts a mesh belt machine form, with a large processing capacity. The hot air drying method takes away the moisture of Star Anise.


Reduced drying time

Reduced drying costs

Better drying effect

The price of the octagonal dryer is determined by the output of the equipment, and different heat sources are selected according to local conditions to provide heat, with different configurations and prices.

Fruit Pulp Pomace Drying Production Line
The mesh belt dryer with a daily treatment capacity of 100 tons of fruit residue is used for drying and recycling the fruit residue after juicing, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection, greatly improve the utilization rate of products, extend the industrial value, and improve the processing income of customers.
Support customers to send materials for drying experiment to provide customers with the best drying data.
  • Red Dates Drying Production Line

Automatic jujube grading, cleaning, air drying, drying, packaging production line. Equipped with classifier, spray cleaner, air dryer, mesh belt dryer, packaging machine and other automatic production equipment. The unique waste heat design of recovered products is adopted to further reduce energy consumption and energy cost investment.
Support customized different material production line.


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