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Spice Drying Production Line

Spice Drying Production Line uses pure hot air to accelerate the discharge of excess water in spices.

The spice drying production line uses pure hot air to accelerate the discharge of excess water in spices, thereby obtaining dried spices that are conducive to storage. In the entire spice drying production line, the spices are automatically flipped in the drying room to make the heating of the spices more uniform. After drying, the shape remains unchanged, the color is full, and the fragrance is attractive.


The spice drying production line can be divided into various types such as vacuum drying, infrared drying, microwave drying, etc. These machines can remove moisture from spices in a short period of time, improve their storage life, while maintaining the nutritional value and aroma of the spices. But the production line that uses hot air to dry spices is still more commonly used.

The spice drying production line mainly consists of three parts: heating system, circulation system, and control system. The heating system converts thermal energy into hot air through fuel or electric heating methods; The circulating system guides hot air into the drying box through a circulating fan and achieves heat recycling through a heat exchanger; The control system achieves accurate control of the drying process by monitoring and adjusting parameters such as temperature and humidity.

Product Description
ShouChuang Technology the multi-stage pulse air supply net belt drying system is a national patent technology with independent intellectual property rights. (patent: 201220352434.4) special air supply method is adopted to make the heating area of the material larger and more uniform, and better preserve the color, fragrance and taste of the inherent quality of the material.
According to the transportation distance and different modes of transportation, choose the nude, fixed packaging or hardcover to reduce the transportation cost and increase the customer experience, so as to better complete the transportation delivery.


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