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Pecan Drying Machine


The Pecan drying machine is a large-scale mechanical equipment that simulates natural hot air to dry Pecan. For Pecan drying users, it can effectively accelerate the drying efficiency of Bi Gen Guo while saving labor. It is a necessary equipment for mechanized production.

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For user , the device used has the following advantages that would be better

The equipment has the advantages of adjustable temperature and humidity, uniform drying, and good product quality, which can meet the quality needs of consumers.

The drying efficiency of the equipment is very high, which can quickly dry the Bi Gen fruit to a good state and improve processing efficiency.


Our Advantages
Our factory is a high-tech enterprise in China and a comprehensive production and processing service provider of agricultural products.Our factory advantages are as follows:
50 + years of drying experience;
60+ national patents and copyrights;
30000+ square meter factory area;
60+ exported to about 60 countries;
4+ manufacturing bases (in 2*Sichuan(panda hometown),1*Foshan,1*Guizhou province)
6000+ domestic and foreign customer cases, including complete drying processing lines, involving fruits(wolfberry,jujube,avocado), vegetables(konjac, cassava,mushroom), seafood(stock, anchovy, squid), condiments(pepper, garlic,ginger), flowers(rose, honeysuckle), Chinese herbal medicine( and other materials;


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Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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