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Rose Drying Machine

Rose dryer is a new type of high-efficiency drying equipment.

Rose dryer is a new type of high-efficiency drying equipment, which is used to dry rose buds. The finished products are dried once by the drying equipment. The dried flowers have uniform dryness, full color, do not damage and change the nutritional components of materials, and have sterilization function. The bacterial content of dried roses can meet the hygienic standard of food. The use of drying equipment to dry rose buds can well maintain the original color, aroma and nutrients of flower buds.


Rose dryer parts

1.Heat exchange furnace.

2.Heat exchange furnace draft fan with chimney.

3.Fan (own brand fan).

4.Chili drying equipment system (Food grade stainless steel,drying temperature 30~160 degree centigrade).

5.Feeding conveyor.

6.Discharge conveyor.

7.Control panel.

8.Remote control temperature and humidity control system.


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