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Konjac Dryer

Konjac Dryer an automatic drying equipment.

Konjac Dryer an automatic drying equipment. It can be customized according to product requirements, Prices range from more than 100000 to hundreds of thousands.


Konjac dryer features 1. Smooth operation, automatic inspection, and layered   temperature control.
2. No vibration, low noise and simple operation.
3. The bracts are evenly dried and the color is white.
4. The drying cycle is short, the drying cost is low, and the   production capacity is large.
5. High degree of automation, saving labor and effort.
Drying medium Dry hot air

Shouchuang SC vegetable series konjac drying machine components                      

1.Heat exchange furnace.

2.Heat exchange furnace draft fan with chimney.

3.Fan (own brand fan).

4.Chili drying equipment system (Food grade stainless steel,drying temperature 30~160 degree centigrade).

5.Feeding conveyor.

6.Discharge conveyor.

7.Control panel.

8.Remote control temperature and humidity control system.

The mesh belt material                                                                                          

Working principle of shouchuang SC vegetable series konjac drying machine

The mesh belt cross flow dryer uses the hot air generated by the hot blast stove / electric heating pipe as the drying medium, and transmits the hot air to the dryer through the hot air distribution part for material drying. The processed materials are transported by multi-layer movable stainless steel mesh belt, and the hot air flows through the mesh belt and its material layer from bottom to top. The multi-layer circulation, layered drying, uniform heat exchange and feeding points, high production efficiency and good product quality.
In the whole equipment, the hot air switch, air volume, mesh belt running speed, drying chamber temperature and other states can be adjusted through the electrical control system to realize continuous production, greatly improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity and save labor cost.


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