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Product advantages of automatic chili pepper drying machine

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Product advantages of automatic chili pepper drying machine

1 dynamic balance dehydration, excellent dry product quality

The hot pepper dryer adopts a dynamic mesh belt structure. The hot pepper in the dryer is a dynamic operation process. The hot pepper moves with the mesh belt in the interior and passes through different temperature and humidity setting areas to achieve a dynamic water loss process, which is suitable for the drying requirements of the hot pepper. The hot pepper after drying is of high quality.

automatic pepper dryer

2 intelligent control, one touch trigger

The MCS IOT central control system developed by the first technology will push the data to the cloud server through the connection of intelligent gateway equipment, and the cloud configuration platform will obtain the data from the server for real-time display. The whole system includes industrial equipment web configuration, equipment management, equipment monitoring, fault warning, equipment maintenance, equipment data analysis and application, and adopts one touch screen operation to improve the automation level, standardize the operation, and reduce the labor cost, And through the generation and collection of log data, standardize management, make more accurate production plans for market sales, greatly improve the economic benefits of product production, sales and quality, and improve the competitiveness of enterprises.

Customer arrival

Nanchong shouchuang technology has served more than 5000 brands and enterprises of different scales, and has won the recognition and trust of a large number of customers. After years of development, the pioneer technology has improved the inefficient production and processing mode of traditional agriculture through the development and application of Internet of things, cloud technology, sensor system, agricultural big data and other technologies, and gradually realized intelligent agriculture, precision agriculture and high-efficiency agriculture.

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