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Melon Seed Drying Machine


The Melon Seed Drying Machine is an automated device that can effectively shorten the dehydration time of melon seeds and maintain their original taste, shape, etc.During the entire drying process, the melon seeds enter the drying chamber from the feeding stage and then follow the mesh belt into the drying chamber, where they are flipped and evaporated through different temperature bands. The evaporated water is discharged from the drying chamber through the dehumidification system.

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The price of melon seed dryer is customized according to different users. The price setting ranges from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands, depending on the user's financial investment and actual demand.

The orange shell dryer of Nanchong's pioneering technology is not a standardized product, so the price has not been set at a fixed value. There are several main factors that affect the price of the orange shell dryer, such as production capacity, heat source, and supporting equipment. Choosing different products will result in price changes.

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology is a professional manufacturer of agricultural product drying equipment, and the dried orange peel machines produced can be customized according to the needs of different users. It can form a complete assembly line, allowing users to release their hands and reduce manual labor. Over the years, we have solved the drying difficulties of various materials for many users and deeply cultivated the field of agricultural product drying, ensuring that there are no difficult to dry products in the world.



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