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Herbal Drying Machine

Herbal Drying Machine is designed based on the characteristics and process requirements of herbs.

Herbal Drying Machine is designed based on the characteristics and process requirements of herbs. Herbal dryers are generally divided into two forms: static drying and dynamic drying. Dynamic drying refers to the automatic flipping of herbs in the drying room, which is a dynamic drying process. Static drying refers to the dehydration process of herbs in a static state in the drying room.


Characteristics of herbal drying machines:

1. High degree of automation.

2. There is no sulfur residue or any other pollution during the drying process. Clean, hygienic, pollution-free, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

3. Automatic setting and control of temperature and humidity to ensure that the effective ingredients and properties of medicinal materials do not undergo destructive changes.

4. Short drying cycle, environmentally friendly and energy-saving.

5. Dry evenly with consistent color.

6. Strong compatibility 7. Adopting digital display control, it is simple and convenient, with intuitive display and reliable operation. The overall operation control is integrated in one cabinet.

7. During the drying process, the operation is flexible and there will be no mixing or other phenomena.

8. Can maintain the medicinal properties and color of herbs.

9. Meet the drying and processing requirements of various herbal medicines.

Our Advantages
Our factory is a high-tech enterprise in China and a comprehensive production and processing service provider of agricultural products.Our factory advantages are as follows:
50 + years of drying experience, founded in 1972 in China;
60+ national patents and copyrights;
30000+ square meter factory area;
60+ exported to about 60 countries;
200+ managers,sales and technicians;
4+ manufacturing bases (in 2*Sichuan(panda hometown),1*Foshan,1*Guizhou province)
6000+ domestic and foreign customer cases, including complete drying processing lines, involving fruits(wolfberry,jujube,avocado), vegetables(konjac, cassava,mushroom), seafood(stock, anchovy, squid), condiments(pepper, garlic,ginger), flowers(rose, honeysuckle), Chinese herbal medicine( and other materials;


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