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Herbs drying machine

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Herbs drying machine

A Herbs dryer is a device specifically designed for drying medicinal materials. Herbs usually need to be processed after harvest, including drying, in order to extend their storage time and ensure quality. Drying medicinal herbs helps to remove moisture, thereby preventing the growth of mold and bacteria, while also improving the concentration of medicinal herbs and maintaining their active ingredients.


The working principle of a Herbs dryer is similar to other types of drying equipment. It usually includes a heating system, a control system, and a drying room.

It should be noted that different types of medicinal herbs may have different requirements for drying temperature and time. Some medicinal herbs may require lower temperatures and longer drying times to maintain their active ingredients. Therefore, when using a medicinal material dryer, the operation should be based on the specific type and requirements of the medicinal material.


The medicinal Herbs dryer plays a crucial role in the medicinal material processing industry, effectively assisting farmers and pharmaceutical manufacturers in processing medicinal materials, ensuring the quality and preservation of medicinal materials.

Herbs laying: Place the medicinal materials to be dried into the drying room of the dryer. To ensure uniform distribution of medicinal herbs, they can be fully exposed to hot air.

Heating system: Start the heating system, usually using an electric heater or gas burner to generate hot air. Hot air will be sent into the drying room.

Hot air circulation: The fan in the drying room helps to circulate hot air, ensuring that the medicinal herbs are evenly heated to avoid over drying or local drying.

Exhaust system: During the drying process, medicinal herbs will release moisture and other volatile substances. The exhaust system helps to expel this moisture from the drying room, maintaining a stable drying environment.

Control system: Medicinal material drying machines are usually equipped with a control system that can monitor parameters such as temperature and humidity, and automatically adjust heating and wind speed according to the set drying program to ensure the effectiveness and quality of drying.

Drying completion: Once the medicinal material reaches the predetermined drying degree, the drying machine automatically stops heating and enters a cooling state. After the cooling is completed, the dried medicinal herbs can be taken out.


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