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Drying principle of mesh belt drying machine

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The mesh belt drying machine is a commonly used continuous drying equipment, whose main principle is to evenly lay materials on the mesh belt, which is dragged back and forth by the transmission device inside the dryer. Hot air flows through the materials, and water vapor is discharged from the dehumidification hole to achieve the purpose of drying.


Why choose a multi-layer mesh belt structure design for dryer equipment?

Firstly, multi-layer structures can effectively utilize limited area and achieve greater processing capacity for occupied land.

Secondly, the automatically flipped hops inside can have a more comprehensive contact with the hot air and a more comprehensive heating area.

Thirdly, the use of mesh belt structure for drying can reduce the manual operation during the drying process.

Fourthly, the design is more rational, with reasonable placement and heat sources according to the site design, making the utilization of user sites more reasonable.

The dryer equipment designed for different materials is a cleaning equipment that uses pure hot air drying. For food and agricultural products, if they are not directly in contact with the materials used, they can isolate unnecessary substances generated by burning materials, making the materials more in line with the processing requirements of food.

Nanchong Shouchuang Technology is a provider of storage solutions and equipment for agricultural products, fruits and vegetables, and other food products. Over the years, it has provided different suitable and reasonable product solutions for different products, making it more convenient for users to process products, simpler to use, and more uniform material quality after processing, effectively improving subsequent profit margins.


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