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Date Drying Machine


The Date Drying Machine is suitable for drying the internal and external moisture of Date, with high automation, strong compatibility, and stable performance. The unique air supply and dehumidification system forms different temperature zones from top to bottom in the drying room.


During the horizontal section flipping and moving process of red dates from top to bottom in the drying room, they go through three stages in sequence: preheating, constant rate evaporation, and deceleration evaporation; Humidity can be automatically detected and controlled. The entire drying process meets the temperature and humidity requirements for sugar conversion (post ripening) during the drying process of red dates, and strives to preserve the inherent quality of red dates as much as possible. Through multiple automatic flipping, it ensures uniform drying and consistent color. The drying curve meets the process requirements for drying red dates. The drying efficiency is more than 20% higher than that of a horizontal flow dryer and more than 50% higher than that of a drying room.

The Shouchuang Technology Red Date Drying Production Line can achieve an automated flow drying operation of red dates, which includes wind selection, sorting, roller lifting, cleaning, air drying, feeding, drying, discharging, cooling, softening, selection, sterilization, and packaging.


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