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Avocado Drying Machine


The avocado drying machine is a large equipment for drying fruits. Avocados can be dried after undergoing certain cleaning and slicing treatments. Fruits themselves contain a lot of water, and if not dried in time, removing excess fruits can easily spoil. Therefore, drying machines are still necessary for users with a large number of avocados.

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Nanchong Shouchuang Technology, as a manufacturer of customized continuous white peony drying machines, has rich drying experience and is a manufacturer of high-quality drying equipment. It has a high-quality R&D team and advanced production equipment.

In the production process, pay attention to the quality and stability of the product, and strictly control every step. We have developed a fast, energy-saving, and green avocado drying equipment that combines advanced drying technology with the characteristics and needs of white peony.

According to the transportation distance and different modes of transportation, choose the nude, fixed packaging or hardcover to reduce the transportation cost and increase the customer experience, so as to better complete the transportation delivery.
After Sales Service
The 24-hour after-sales service hotline supports fixed-point after-sales service and maintenance in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets. The products enjoy free inspection, guidance and maintenance every two years for life.


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