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Why Choose a Herbal Dryer ?

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Herbs have a high moisture content after harvesting, which can easily mold and affect their properties. Therefore, it is necessary to accelerate the removal of water from the herbs in order not to damage them. There are two conventional methods for dehydration treatment: natural air drying and the use of mechanization to accelerate water loss. Natural drying is easily affected by the weather, and the manual operation during the drying process is time-consuming and labor-intensive.

The use of herbs drying equipment has certain advantages. It does not need to be affected by the weather during the drying process, while drying in large quantities. 



Our factory is a high-tech enterprise in China and a comprehensive production and processing service provider of agricultural products.Our factory advantages are as follows:
50 + years of drying experience, founded in 1972 in China;
60+ national patents and copyrights;
30000+ square meter factory area;
60+ exported to about 60 countries;

200+ managers,sales and technicians;
4+ manufacturing bases (in 2*Sichuan(panda hometown),1*Foshan,1*Guizhou province)

6000+ domestic and foreign customer cases, including complete drying processing lines, involving fruits(wolfberry,jujube,avocado), vegetables(konjac, cassava,mushroom), seafood(stock, anchovy, squid), condiments(pepper, garlic,ginger), flowers(rose, honeysuckle), Chinese herbal medicine and other materials;

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