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What are the characteristics of a flower dryer machine?

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Flowers with different degrees of opening and different picking times have different yields and quality, and they are not easy to keep for a long time after picking, so they must be processed in time, otherwise, their quality will be affected, or even cause them to deteriorate. The processing of dried flower buds solves this problem, and the dried buds are easy to transport and store over long distances, and also facilitate further deep processing. The flower drying machine has the following features.

Here is the content list:

l Energy saving

l Closed cycle

l Temperature and time self-control

l The drying temperature is low

l Drying materials well

l Drying parameters are easy to control and adjustable in a wide range

l Small noise

Energy saving

A flower dryer is only three to four cents of the cost of electric drying.

Closed cycle

Hot air in the dryer closed cycle, high thermal efficiency, saving energy. The flower dryer forced circulation so that the temperature difference between the top and bottom of the dryer is small.

Temperature and time self-control

The dryer air temperature is self-controlled and humidity is self-controlled to ensure the proper temperature and humidity required for drying. Drying time automatic control, truly automated management. The flower drying machine adopts 50-70 degrees relative low-temperature drying, after drying, the quality is high, not broken, has good color, and good nutritional elements.

The drying temperature is low

For many agricultural and by-product materials, the too-high drying temperature is often an important reason for excessive loss of its nutrients and material reduction. And when the drying temperature is too low, the conventional airflow drying speed is extremely low, the drying time increases exponentially, and the final moisture content of the products often cannot meet the quality requirements. Heat pump drying has the function of dehumidification, which can dry the materials at a lower temperature and can make the final moisture content of the materials drop to a very low level.

Drying materials well

Flower dryer is a mild drying method, close to natural drying. The good, color, and luster of the dried items and the material grade are high.

Drying parameters are easy to control and adjustable in a wide range

A flower tea dryer is more effective than any traditional drying equipment to protect the color, aroma, taste, individual form, and active ingredients of the dried material. It shows the characteristics in the drying and processing of materials such as sea treasures, high protein food, dried fruit, all kinds of seeds, edible fungi, and special wood. This machine does not need any heating equipment, neither pollute the dried material nor pollute the environment.

Small noise

The machine has low noise, smooth operation, and low running cost.

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