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What are the advantages of fruit and vegetable dryers?

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With the development of science and technology, now with the dryer to replace the traditional sun-dried fruits and vegetables has been more and more growers pay attention to. Fruit and vegetable dryer drying fruits and vegetables can completely retain the original color, the drying work, all in isolation, the drying of fruits and vegetables will not cause pollution, fruit and vegetable dryer to provide the wind is pure hot air, you can adjust the temperature according to the requirements of the fruits and vegetables themselves. The following is to understand the knowledge of the fruit and vegetable dryer.

Here is the content list:

l Bring considerable economic benefits.

l Avoid the risk of damaging the digestive tract

l You can eat the fiber directly from the peel

l Retained fruit oxidant content

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Bring considerable economic benefits.

Fruit and vegetable dryer is mainly the use of air technology, the use of thermal drying and ventilation drying to dehydration of treatment, can not be like the previous method, subject to the constraints and impact of the weather and environment, can be very effective in improving the efficiency of the work, and to ensure the health and quality of materials to achieve fruit and vegetable drying, anti-seasonal sales, etc., can control the decay of fruits and vegetables, thereby reducing the impact of farmers and bring considerable economic benefits.

Avoid the risk of damaging the digestive tract

Avoid the risk of protease and unpolymerized tannins harming the digestive tract. Since most of the fresh fruits contain more active proteases, there are also tannins. In general, the presence of enzymes (enzymes) is good, but it should be noted that tannins have a strong antioxidant effect and for people with digestive problems the presence of enzymes can damage the digestive tract mucosa.

You can eat the fiber directly from the peel

After drying, people can directly consume all the fiber of the peel. For example, raisins, we can keep all the nutrients, generally, we eat grapes do not eat the skin and seeds, and it is the part of the grape anthocyanin content is higher.

Retained fruit oxidant content

After drying the retention of fruit peel also does a good job of preserving the antioxidant content of fruits and vegetables. For grapes, raisins, blueberries, and other anthocyanins antioxidant substances are particularly rich, they will be concentrated after drying. Especially those dried red raisins and dried blackcurrants with thicker skin and darker color are better for health effects when eaten with the skin.

In general, after drying fruits and vegetables also have high nutritional value, suitable for use in areas where fresh fruits and vegetables can not be consumed, can also be used as military food, after exercise to supplement the nutritional food; after drying fruits and vegetables easy to carry can also make people taste different areas fruits and vegetables. If you want to buy a fruit and vegetable dryer, you can consider our cost-effective products. Our official website is www.dryersc.com.

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