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Vegetable dryer information introduction

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A vegetable dryer, also known as multi-layer tumbling fruit and vegetable dryer, is special equipment for dehydration and drying of fresh or seasonal vegetables and fruits.

Here is the content list:

l Working principle

l Equipment features

l Precautions.

Vegetable dryer    Vegetable dryer

Working principle

Vegetable dryer machine with hot air furnace generated by the pure hot air, hot air temperature 50 ℃ - 160 ℃ can be controlled, vegetables and fruits dryer using heating and drying and ventilation drying two drying and dehydration at the same time, strengthen the amount of hot air ventilation reasonable adjustment, multi-layer drying box cycle flip, layer by layer drying, full use of hot air, drying and dehydration quickly, efficient operation.

Equipment features

1. Vegetable dryer can be produced continuously in large quantities and retain the nutrient content and color of the products to the maximum extent, etc. 2. It can adopt different process flows and add supporting necessary auxiliary equipment according to the characteristics of vegetables. 3. Drying output, fast drying speed, high potency of dried products, fuel saving, high thermal efficiency, the good color of dried products.


1, Fruit and vegetable drying machine drying, if the conditions allow, can be equipped with spraying devices, so that the wood to achieve the effect of hot steam, wood moisture from the inside out stage dampness, drying wood will not appear deformation, internal cracking, end cracking and other phenomena.

2, Fruit and vegetable dryers can increase the hot air recovery system, the discharge of hot air and then recovery, accelerate the running speed of airflow in the drying room, speed up the drying time to improve the use of heat energy.

3, Fruit and vegetable dryer wood drying is a matter of speed, so the temperature rise can not be too fast, otherwise, there will be wood cracking, there is also the need to pay attention to the stacking of wood, pay attention to uniform heating, but also take into account the direction of wind flow so that the hot air can circulate from the stacked wood.

4, The use of fruit and vegetable dryer, can be dried to the requirements of any final moisture content, not subject to the limitations of natural conditions; with more mature drying theory and technology, can ensure the quality of drying; compared with air drying, short drying cycle, high production efficiency, small footprint; equipment is not too complex, long service life, safe and reliable, good economic results.

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