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Understand the hot air circulation drying machine

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The drying machine uses hot air generated by a hot air furnace or an electric heating tube as the drying medium and delivers the hot air to the dryer to dry the material through the hot air distribution part. The state can be adjusted through the electrical control system to realize continuous production, improve work efficiency, reduce labor intensity, and save labor costs. The hot air circulation drying machine can be understood from the following two aspects

1. Drying machine components

2. Hot air circulation drying machine use and attention


Drying machine components

The hot air circulation drying machine consists of a heat exchange furnace and a heat exchanger ventilator with a chimney. , Fan (own brand fan), drying equipment system (food-grade stainless steel, drying temperature 30~160℃), conveyor belt, unloading conveyor, control panel, the transformation of temperature and humidity control system


Hot air circulation drying machine use and attention

The hot air circulation drying machine should be used indoors with a dry level, and the cabinet shell must be effectively grounded.

On the power cord, the user should install an on-off switch corresponding to the dryer current for this box.

Each drying machine is equipped with two wind-wound shelves, which are used to place the object to be tested in the working room. The distance between the shelves should not be too close.

The hot air circulation drying machine is a digital display temperature controller. When setting the continuous daytime temperature, press the temperature test setting number on the dashboard to the number that meets the required temperature and start working.

Thermostat indicator light: The green light indicates that the electric heater is working, and the red light indicates that the heating is stopped. When the temperature in the box reaches the set temperature, the green light turns to red light. After that, the thermostat will continue to rotate, and the red and green lights will turn on and off alternately. It is a constant temperature state.

When starting up, in order to obtain accelerated heating time, the heating switch is turned to high temperature, and the two sets of heaters are heated at the same time. After reaching the constant temperature state, the heating switch can be turned to low temperature, leaving only one set of heaters to work to save power consumption.

When picking and placing the test object, please do not hit the sensor that extends into the working room, so as not to damage the temperature measuring head of the sensor and cause control failure.

Before opening the box, unscrew the exhaust valve on the top of the box by about 10mm to facilitate the convective change of the air in the box and discharge moisture and exhaust gas.

To observe the sample situation in the studio, you can open the outer door or look in from the glass door, but do not open the outer door frequently to prevent heat leakage. When the temperature rises to about 300°C, opening the door may cause The glass quickly cooled and shattered.

Do not bake flammable, explosive or volatile items to prevent the explosion.

The power must be cut off after use.

Once a malfunction occurs, it can be used after repair.


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