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Tips for drying chili pepper

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A grain dryer is an assembly of a dryer machine. It is the collective name of various drying equipment of grain dryers. It can also be a grain dryer, such as corn dryer, rice dryer, rice dryer, wine residue dryer, etc. We can all call it a grain dryer. When you want to use a dryer machine to dry chili pepper and make a perfect dried chili pepper, you can follow the following four steps:

1. Prepare the materials

2. Drying temperature control

3. Drying humidity control

4. Baking quality inspection


Prepare the materials

Watering is forbidden the day before harvest and harvested at the right time. chili pepper should be harvested at four or five years of maturity. Generally, the harvest should not exceed eight mature. The harvested chili pepper are exposed to the sun for 2-3 hours to remove moisture. When placing the plate, place the mushroom cover-up and the stalk down, and place them upright. Do not overlap the backlog to prevent affecting the quality. The mushrooms must be baked within 6 hours after harvest.


Drying temperature control

When the temperature of the drying room rises to 35C, the mushrooms can be dried in the room. When drying, it must be low temperature first, and then gradually increase the temperature, usually one hour to increase the temperature by 1-3C, the highest temperature should be controlled at 70~75C, generally requires baking at 35-40C for 6 hours, and baking at 40-60C for 8- Bake for 10 hours and 60 conditions for 2 hours. The higher the moisture content of chili pepper, the longer it takes to bake at a low temperature. If the temperature rises suddenly at the beginning of baking, it will cause the tissue to lose water too quickly. , Make the mushroom cap deformed and not round, the gills are inverted, the cap is cracked, the color turns black, the enzyme activity is destroyed, and the mushroom loses its original fragrance. After the mushrooms are fed into the dryer machine, they should be roasted continuously until they are dry. The heating should not be interrupted, and the temperature should not rise and fall, otherwise the color of the mushrooms will turn black and the quality will decrease


Drying humidity control

In the drying process of chili pepper, in addition to strictly controlling the heating temperature, timely dehumidification is also an important part. The basic principle of dehumidification is that in the early stage of mushroom baking when the temperature of the drying room is 35-40C, the humidity should be discharged at full load: when the temperature is When it rises to 40-60C, it can dehumidify intermittently, and after 60C, it can not dehumidify. Excessive dehumidification can easily make the mushrooms pale in color. If the dried mushrooms have a watery yellow color, it means that the dehumidification is not good, or the temperature is not enough, especially if the heat is stopped in the middle, it is more likely to cause this phenomenon.


Baking quality inspection

When baking for 16-18 hours, you can open the dryer machine door to check whether the dryness of the mushrooms is qualified. During the inspection, press the junction between the cap and the stalk with your fingers. If there are only traces, it means that the drying is qualified; if the hand feels soft and the gills are also soft, the drying needs to be continued. The characteristics of qualified dried products are: It has the special fragrance of chili pepper; the gills are yellow, the gills are upright, intact, and not inverted; the water content of the mushroom body does not exceed 13%; the chili pepper maintain the original shape, the cap is round and flat, and the natural color is maintained.


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