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The purchase and maintenance of fruit and vegetable dryer

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With the implementation of the national agricultural policy, especially for fruit and vegetable dryers to achieve local financial subsidies, the development momentum of fruit and vegetable dryers is rapid. Correct purchase and proper maintenance and maintenance, to improve the quality of fruits and vegetables, to extend the service life of the dryer, has a very important role.


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l The purchase of fruit and vegetable dryer

l Maintenance of fruit and vegetable dryer

The purchase of fruit and vegetable dryer

At present, the market has a wide variety of fruit and vegetable dryers. As different materials have different needs for drying effect, so the purchase of dryers must be careful. The price and model of fruit and vegetable dryers are determined by various aspects such as material, effective drying area, performance, and form of heat source. There is no uniform standard for the price of dryers on the market, more than manufacturers accounting for production costs after pricing. Because the materials and performance of different models of dryers vary, so their prices are also uneven. The choice of fruit and vegetable dryer should focus on the structure and quality of the dryer.

Maintenance of fruit and vegetable dryer

Fruit and vegetable dryer is generally high in the fruit and vegetable harvest season use rate, other times the frequency of use is low, so routine management and maintenance is the key to extend its service life.

Fruit and vegetable dryer maintenance is divided into daily maintenance and quarterly maintenance, in general, daily maintenance should be carried out after each drying operation. Check the safety of the electrical wiring; check whether the protective parts are loose and should be tightened immediately when loose; check whether the bearings are short of oil and should be replenished immediately if necessary. Quarterly maintenance should be carried out after the completion of each drying quarter. Thoroughly remove the machining debris, dust; thoroughly replace the lubricating oil, grease; check the sealing of the sealing parts, if necessary, for a new; check the direction of operation of the fan. For some long time not used fruit and vegetable dryer if you need to store outdoors, to do a good job of protective measures.

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