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The price of chili pepper dryer

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How many chili pepper drying machines are there? After designing the scheme according to the different requirements of different users, the price will be calculated. The solutions designed by Nanchong Shouchuang Technology range from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands for different user scenarios. Therefore, users need to provide some relevant information in order to know which solution is suitable. As a user, there are several points to confirm with the equipment manufacturer.


Firstly, users need to provide the variety of chili peppers that need to be dried. The moisture content of different chili peppers before drying varies, and the amount of heat and air required for processing varies. Therefore, providing chili varieties can effectively calculate the moisture content that needs to be dried, and then calculate the water loss during chili processing.

The second is the heat source that is relatively easy to use in the local area. The configuration of different heat source dryers may vary, and the cost may also vary. Therefore, choosing a heat source that is suitable for one's own location can save funds for opening the heat source in the early stage, and can also calculate which heat source is suitable for one's own processing costs.


Thirdly, what is the usage of dried chili peppers? Different types of chili peppers need to be equipped with different equipment. For example, if selling chili peppers, a chili slicing machine needs to be equipped. If selling dried chili peppers directly, a matching machine or packaging machine can be used to confirm that the equipment of the matching equipment still has a certain impact on the price. This is not just a separate drying equipment, it should be a production line for drying chili peppers.


Nanchong Shouchuang Technology not only provides drying equipment for chili peppers, but also provides overall solutions for chili peppers to form a complete assembly line. Committed to providing users with production lines that can save labor and mechanized processes. A simple to use, stable and smooth overall production line for the entire machine. Over the years, with rich experience, we have completed the design of rough processing plans for various drying production lines of medicinal herbs, fruits and vegetables, and spices, as well as the production of equipment. We are an old manufacturer with strong strength and good reputation

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