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Spices Drying Machine

Spices Drying Machine has simple structure and reasonable design

Spices Drying Machine has simple structure and reasonable design.It can meet the drying of various types of condiments, such as star anise, Shajiang, cinnamon and so on.


It is developed and produced according to its own characteristics. It is suitable for drying condiments and can maintain the color, quality and taste of condiments after drying.

Working principle of dryer
The hot air circulating furnace adopts high temperature resistant circulating fan. Forced hot air heated by electric heating tube or steam heat exchanger circulates in the oven, which enhances heat transfer, improves water evaporation rate and shortens drying time. The whole box adopts a fully enclosed structure. Most of the hot air circulates in the box to reasonably discharge the hot and humid air and increase the fresh air. It has high thermal efficiency and energy saving. Under the action of forced ventilation, the materials are dried evenly. The oven is equipped with automatic temperature control system for accurate temperature control.

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