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Shea Nut Drying Machine

Shea Nut Drying Machine is a multi-layer mesh belt structure

Shea Nut Drying Machine is a multi-layer mesh belt structure which makes drying speed faster. Shea Nut is usually sliced by a slicer before entering a dryer for drying. Throughout the entire process, machines are used more than manual operations. Make the drying process of Shea Nut simpler and more efficient.


The advantages of specialized drying equipment for Shea Nut mainly lie in the following aspects:

Improving quality: By adopting a new drying technology, Shea Nut can be dried to the desired processing state in a short period of time, while retaining its nutritional components and taste.

Automation control: The dedicated drying equipment for Shea Nut is equipped with an intelligent control system, which can achieve automation control, reduce manual intervention, and reduce production costs.

Environmental protection and energy conservation: The equipment adopts an optimized hot air circulation system, allowing heat to fully apply to shea butter, thereby achieving energy conservation and emission reduction.

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