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Rosehip Drying Machine

Rosehip Drying Machine can choose mesh belt structure

Rosehip Drying Machine can choose mesh belt structure. During the entire drying process, the rose fruit is automatically dried, and the mesh belt in contact with the rose fruit is made of 304 stainless steel, which meets the requirements of food processing. The principle of hot air drying is that for roses, the entire process is closed, and pollutants cannot directly come into contact with the roses. The dried roses can be consumed directly.


Working principle
The material is placed on the conveyor belt, and after passing through the material equalization device on the
conveyor belt, it is flattened on the mesh belt of the dryer. A material guide and a reversing device are arranged between the layers, so that the bergamot piece is fully in contact with the heat carrier: it flows out from the last layer. The heat carrier is introduced into the dryer by the fan. The wind speed and wind pressure generated by the induced draft fan make the heat carrier fully and evenly spread on the bottom of the dryer. Since the lower pressure is greater than the upper pressure, the heat carrier moves upward and passes through Each layer of mesh belt makes the material fully contact with the heat carrier to improve the drying efficiency.
Fruit Pulp Pomace Drying Production Line
The mesh belt dryer with a daily treatment capacity of 100 tons of fruit residue is used for drying and recycling the fruit residue after juicing, which can meet the requirements of environmental protection, greatly improve the utilization rate of products, extend the industrial value, and improve the processing income of customers.
Support customers to send materials for drying experiment to provide customers with the best drying data.
  • Red Dates Drying Production Line

Automatic jujube grading, cleaning, air drying, drying, packaging production line. Equipped with classifier, spray cleaner, air dryer, mesh belt dryer, packaging machine and other automatic production equipment. The unique waste heat design of recovered products is adopted to further reduce energy consumption and energy cost investment.
Support customized different material production line.

Konjac Chips Drying Production Line
Konjac processing process is: fresh konjac-cleaning-slicing-improving input-drying-discharging-packaging. If you need to make konjac powder, you need to use konjac finishing equipment.
Konjac dryer can solve the problem of konjac drying, such as konjac with high water content, complex composition, easy to change
color and other characteristics, the development of production and sales of automatic drying equipment, drying effect is good,taro slices white, dry slices of high quality.
Chili Pepper Drying Production Line
The Chili deep processing production line workflow: chili drying - removal impurity - stem cutting -color selection- secondary
drying- dry cleaning - cut (optional) - skin seed separation (optional) - secondary removal impurity- grinding (optional) -packaging.
The pepper processing line includes pepper dryer, pepper air drying machine (optional), pepper color separation machine, pepper
tail removal machine, pepper grinder, pepper packaging machine and other equipment. Pepper processing line can also be used for
garlic, ginger, scallions and other spices processing.
Alfalfa Hay Grass Fodder Forage Grass Drying Processing Line
Automatic mechanical drying equipmentFodder dryer can realize automatic production of heating, feeding, feeding, drying, unloading and other processes. The entire production line only needs 1~2 workers, which effectively controls the labor cost.High performance feed drying equipmentGrass dryer is simple to use, convenient performance, safe and stable, can work continuously for 24 hours, less failure, low maintenance cost. The dryer allows the grass to dehydrate quickly and meet the drying requirements of the finished product.With high air tightness and heat insulationFor feed drying equipment, a good closed system and insulation device are needed to reduce energy consumption and cost.


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