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Precautions for using flower dryer

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Flowers with different opening degrees and different picking times have different yields and quality, and they are not easy to keep for a long time after picking, so they must be processed in time. The processing of dried flower buds solves this problem. The dried buds are easy to transport and store over long distances, and also facilitate further deep processing. There are many methods of drying flowers, the common ones are natural drying, natural shade drying, freeze-drying, and heating equipment drying. The natural drying and natural shade drying methods can save costs, but if it encounters rainy weather, the roses will easily become moldy and also lead to a serious shortage of production, and the shelf life is relatively short, generally, 2 to 3 months may grow out of worms, the reason is that some surface worm eggs are not killed before drying. Therefore, the natural drying method is not suitable for the commercial production of dried flowers. Then at this time, flower drying machine equipment is needed. In the process of drying flowers need to pay attention to the following points.

Here is the content list:

l Harvesting of flowers

l Drying equipment

l Layered placement of flowers.

l Packing after drying

Harvesting of flowers

When harvesting flowers, pay attention to the degree of openness of the flowers. Generally, the top of the flowers has just opened, which is a better harvest time. At this time, after the flowers are dried, the petals will not fall off, and the whole dried flowers will be intact and have good commerciality. If the flowers are picked too late, the flowers are already fully open, the flowers contain fewer nutrients, and the petals will fall off in large numbers during the drying process, and the buds will be mixed and processed into dried buds, thus seriously affecting their commercial value. Therefore, picking must be done carefully.

Drying equipment

Flowers using flower dryer equipment to dry can be very good buds in the active ingredients, is a better way to produce dried flowers, drying equipment in the production of dried flowers is widely used, now the new heat pump dryer on the market, with close to the natural drying method baked flowers with bright colors, high yield rate, loved by businessmen. The heat pump dryer adopts an intelligent curve temperature control system, which saves time and effort and provides a shortcut for the tedious production process.

Layered placement of flowers.

The thickness of each layer of flowers placed shall not exceed 10cm, and the drying temperature shall not exceed 55℃. The whole drying process shall not turn the flowers. The degree of drying can be mastered by squeezing the flower tips into powder by hand.

Packing after drying

The dried flowers are immediately packed into airtight plastic bags (polypropylene plastic bags for food) after drying, and the packing room requires a sterile environment, with one bag of desiccant and one bag of antioxidants inside each bag. Then, exclude the air inside the plastic bags as much as possible, seal the plastic bags and keep them away from light.

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