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Nut Drying Machine

Nut Drying Machine is a professional large-scale dehydration equipment。

Nut Drying Machine is a professional large-scale dehydration equipment.The drying effect of the nut dryer is remarkable, the dried product after drying is of good quality, and the drying process is safe and pollution-free. The nut dryer uses hot air for drying. There is no pollution in the drying process. The drying is adjusted according to the drying curve of nuts to meet the quality requirements of nuts to be dried.


Product advantages

1.The drying process is clean and pollution-free. 

Hot air drying is adopted, and the heat source does not directly contact the dried nuts, so as to meet the requirements of food drying.

2.The PLC system with touch screen control is more intuitive and intelligent than digital display control.

3.Flexible. Drying rooms with different output sizes can be customized according to customer requirements. Different heat sources can be customized according to the heat source requirements of different regions. Different materials require the same material.

According to the transportation distance and different modes of transportation, choose the nude, fixed packaging or hardcover to reduce the transportation cost and increase the customer experience, so as to better complete the transportation delivery.
After Sales Service
The 24-hour after-sales service hotline supports fixed-point after-sales service and maintenance in Central Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa and other markets. The products enjoy free inspection, guidance and maintenance every two years for life.

SHOUCHUANG DRYING MACHINERY can provide pepper dryer, condiment dryer, onion dryer, ginger dryer, fruit dryer, coconut shell dryer and other large-scale drying equipment.


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