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Notes of nut drying machine

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Nut dryer is used for drying flakes, strips, and granular materials with good air permeability, and it is especially suitable for materials with high moisture content and high material temperature not allowed for dehydrated vegetables, catalysts, and traditional Chinese medicine tablets; the series dryer has the advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity, and good product quality, and the paste-like materials of dehydrated filter cakes need to be granulated or made into strips before drying. The following are the precautions.

Here is the content list:

l Break-in period

l Fault check

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Break-in period

Before the nut drying machine enters into normal work, there will be a period of adaptation (break-in period, generally 3 days), this period is to ensure that the dryer in the formal production process can work normally, minimize the chances of dryer accidents, the correct operation during the adaptation period can extend the service life of the dryer, so be sure to pay attention to the details of each operation in this period. First, the operator of the dryer before the start of the adaptation period should receive strict training from the manufacturer on the construction, operation, different performance, and daily problem solving of the dryer, and be familiar with the manual of the nut dryer. Second, during the adaptation period, it should be noted that the dryer should be checked from time to time for lubrication, cooling, braking, etc., and also check whether the sealing of each part of the dryer that needs to be sealed is intact; the operator's proficiency in operating the dryer will also have an impact on the dryer, and those who have received training should follow the instructions for correct operation and maintenance; ensure that the working of the dryer The load does not exceed 80% of the rated, in addition to the workload should be appropriate not to make the dryer too long operation caused by the overheating phenomenon. After the end of the adaptation period, you should be reminded that you should force the dryer equipment to carry out maintenance, an inspection of each piece of equipment, and all the required replacement work; dryer equipment should be kept clean and each part should be prevented from loosening to reduce the wear and tear or loss of parts brought about by loosening.

Fault check

When checking and judging the fault of the dryer, we should try to combine theory and practice, and analyze in a comprehensive way such as visual, auditory, and olfactory tests: First use visual judgment. The so-called use of visual judgment is to observe the changes in the readings of each meter of the dryer, the situation of each connected part, the leakage of each joint sealing surface, the presence of abnormalities in each oil and water, and the heating of the motor, etc. Second use auditory judgment. The so-called use of auditory judgment, is to listen to the sound issued by the components of the dryer is normal, if there is an abnormal phenomenon, but also to determine the source of the abnormal sound. The third use of the sense of smell judgment. The so-called use of smell judgment is to use the nose to smell the various parts of the dryer and the oil at the parts has no abnormal smell.

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