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Mango Slice Drying Machine

Mango slice dryer is easy to dry. It tastes good after drying and the quality of dried products is good.

Mango Slice Drying Machine is easy to dry. It tastes good after drying and the quality of dried products is good. Mango slice dryer is a professional mango drying equipment.

Product features:

The drying process is simple

The dry product tastes good

Good dry quality


drying machine components             

1.Heat exchange furnace.

2.Heat exchange furnace draft fan with chimney.

3.Fan (own brand fan).

4.Chili drying equipment system (Food grade stainless steel,drying temperature 30~160 degree centigrade).

5.Feeding conveyor.

6.Discharge conveyor.

7.Control panel.

8.Remote control temperature and humidity control system.

In view of the organization structure of agricultural products like goji berry, grapes and their activeingredients form, through reduplicative trials and uses of dozens of production lines, we sum up the dialectical relationship among evaporation rate, medium humidity, temperature and drying cycle, color change, deformation and qualitative change in each stage of drying processes. we integrate mechanizationand digital technology and develop the most advanced pulse drying mode. The pulsation drying technique isimplanted based on the combination of static and dynamic drying, which greatly improves energy efficiency ratio and yield of primary product, and realizes assembly line operation. Materials are moving or reciprocating in a certain frequency in the drying system while the internal and external evaporation rate is adjusted with the same frequency, which completely solves effects of epidermis rupture, foaming, oil fruit,dark color, long drying period on yield of primary product and the commodity value, and eliminates the energy consumption of invalid workmanship to the maximum extent, and maximizes the quality of dried products.

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