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Konjac drying machine production line

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Konjac drying machine production line

魔芋空机 (2)

Konjac is fond of dampness and drought, prefers shade and sun, and avoids dryness and waterlogging. It is suitable for growing in light sandy soil with deep soil layers, loose texture, good drainage and ventilation, and rich organic matter. The production area is widely distributed in tropical and subtropical humid monsoon climate regions, mainly including rhizome propagation and sowing propagation.


The production line of konjac dryer uses the heat generated by a heat source to blow into the drying room in the form of hot air, reducing the moisture in konjac chips to a suitable moisture content of konjac chips. Generally speaking, a set of konjac dryer production line includes many equipment such as konjac elevators, konjac cleaning machines, konjac conveyors, konjac slicers, as well as konjac flour machines and screening equipment at the back end.


There are two forms of elevator in the early stage of konjac, one is similar to a conveyor belt elevator, and the other is a basket type elevator, which is designed according to different user sites and actual requirements, more in line with user expectations. The main users are konjac processing plants, especially large ones, and there is a trend of increasing the production line of konjac drying machines in konjac processing plants. From a few tons of equipment a day to a production line that can handle dozens of tons a day, it has changed according to the growth of market demand.


In the past two years, Nanchong Shouchuang Technology has successfully put into operation many production lines of konjac drying machines in the main production area of konjac, providing users with equipment with good quality and output, solving the problem of insufficient whiteness and excessive manual consumption of konjac chips during the drying process, improving the quality of konjac chips, and giving users an advantage in the sales process of konjac chips.

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