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Jujube processing equipment assembly line

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Jujube processing equipment assembly line

Jujube processing equipment assembly line

Jujube processing can be divided into fine processing and rough processing. Fine processing will grind and extract dates. Rough processing is different. Most of them are physical processing of jujube, such as slicing, nuclear removal, cleaning, drying, etc. The use of red dates on the market is mostly a rough processing process. The rough processing line of red dates can include cleaning, slicing, drying, nuclear removal, packaging, etc.

The cleaning and drying line of red dates is equipped with a cleaning machine at the front end. The cleaning machine is mainly divided into two stages of cleaning, one is bubble cleaning; It is spray cleaning. Bubble cleaning is used to clean the surface dust of red dates, while spray cleaning is used to carefully clean the residues on the surface of red dates again.

After that, the cleaned dates will enter the date dryer after the air drying process by the conveyor belt.

The above figure shows the front feeding end of the jujube dryer. It is obvious that the feeding end of the jujube dryer is covered with a net. This is also the difference between the jujube dryer and the dryer of other agricultural products. The purpose of this design is to prevent the jujube from falling down during the feeding process. The red jujube granules are full and small, which are easy to fall down in the process of slanting upward. In this way, the proportion of red jujube entering the drying room will be significantly less. In view of this problem, Nanchong pioneered the technology to design a material net for the front end of jujube, which solved this problem very well.

The moisture content of red dates is not high, so the drying time is not long. The reason why a multi-layer mesh belt red date dryer can handle more red dates than a pepper dryer of the same size.

Over the years, Nanchong Pioneer Technology has successfully cooperated with many jujube processing plants. Therefore, in the process of jujube processing, Nanchong Pioneer Technology has dried a variety of jujube varieties, and has mature and rich experience in jujube rough processing.

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