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How to use flower dryer machine scientifically

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The flower dryer machineadopts enhanced circulating air for constant temperature and humidity drying. The drying process is solidified in a microcomputer, which is highly intelligent and does not require special care. It is necessary to keep the natural color (green) and full shape of flower as much as possible, the nutrients are not destroyed, and the medicine is highly effective. The flower dryer machine can be understood from the following aspects:

1. Drying principle

2. Drying process

3. Equipment characteristics


Drying  principle

Use the pure hot air generated by the hot air stove, the temperature of the hot air is controllable from 35°C to 260°C, heating drying and ventilating drying are adopted, drying and dehydrating in two ways are carried out at the same time, strengthening the reasonable adjustment of the hot air ventilation, and the multi-layer drying box is cyclically turned over. Dry layer by layer, make full use of hot air, quickly dry and dehydrate, and run efficiently.


Drying  process

(1) flower drying temperature is generally controlled at 80°~130°. The items in the vertical multi-layer dryer machine are dehydrated and dried layer by layer, and finally, the damp wind is directly emptied from the top layer, and the contact time between damp wind and the article is extremely short. (5 seconds~12 seconds). At the same time, open the observation hole of each layer to drain the tide layer by layer at any time. This completely avoids the phenomenon of "retting" caused by the long contact time between wet wind and objects, and ensures the color of flower.

(2) The dryer machine has a five-layer structure, cyclically flipped, and dried layer by layer, which simulates artificial turning under the sun to the greatest extent.

(3) The fifth layer is a relatively dry material, which is gradually wetted upwards, and dehydrated layer by layer. The drier material is in contact with hot and dry air, and the wet material is in contact with the hot and humid air, which avoids direct contact with the dry material. Hot air minimizes damage to the nature and color of items caused by similar sunlight exposure.


Equipment  characteristics

1. The vertical dryer machine is made of high-quality steel, strong, sturdy and durable, and the drying layer flap is made of stainless steel, which is resistant to high temperature and corrosion and increases the service life of more than 2 years.

2. The combustion heat exchange room is separated from the drying box, and the flue gas and hot air travel in isolation. The pure hot air that enters the drying box is free of pollution, which improves the quality by more than 20%.

3. Wide range of fuels, wood scraps, coal, natural gas and coal gas can also be used.

4. All the hot and humid air in the top layer of the drying layer is exhausted, the moisture is well exhausted, the color is bright, and the discoloration caused by poor moisture exhaust is minimized, and the quality of the original basic drying speed is increased by 30%.

5. A toughened glass perspective hole is installed on the side of the dryer machine to observe the color and moisture changes at any time to prevent the lowermost layer from drying out of the box.

6. Furnace is made of high temperature resistant stainless steel, which has strong corrosion resistance, high heat exchange efficiency and long life.

7. The heat exchanger is specially installed with an inspection port, which is convenient for inspection, repair and cleaning of dust accumulation.

8. The hot air outlet has an adjustable air plate, which can easily adjust the air volume and temperature. The air inlet of the drying box adopts a wide-screen design, with uniform hot air and no dead ends.


Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd is a high-tech enterprise dedicated to eliminating processing pollution and maintaining the quality of agricultural products. It has devoted itself to researching dryer machines for many years to meet the diverse needs of customers.

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