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How to select octagonal drying and processing equipment

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How to select octagonal drying and processing equipment

Illicium verum is used for medicine, which has the functions of dispelling wind, regulating qi and regulating stomach; Illicium verum fruit can be directly used in daily flavoring, such as stewing, boiling, pickling, brine, soaking, etc., and can also be directly processed into five spice flavoring powder. Illicium verum for direct consumption needs preliminary treatment - dehydration treatment before it is sold to restaurants and individuals who need to use it.

Octagon drying and processing equipment is generally selected from the following points

octagonal drying and processing equipment

Manufacturer or not

For large machinery and equipment, direct purchase from manufacturers can avoid middlemen making price difference, and the same output can be purchased at affordable prices

shouchuang technology

Whether it has the production capacity of high-quality equipment

For star anise drying and processing equipment, the investment is usually several hundred thousand yuan, so there are still some requirements for the quality of the equipment. It cannot be a short-term product, but a reputation product with a certain service life guarantee

Service quality

Now we buy more than a simple set of equipment, but more services. An excellent enterprise can provide more services to customers. Nanchong Pioneer Science and Technology has a deep understanding of customer psychology and can provide customers with more customer services within its capabilities while ensuring product quality.

Processing technology of octagon

Through the octagonal processing technology, the machine designed for drying processing equipment can highlight the product characteristics of octagonal and improve the processing quality of products.

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