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How much is a mushroom dryer ?

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How much is a mushroom dryer

Mushroom dryer is a drying machine designed according to the output and size of mushrooms. The drying requirements of shiitake mushrooms can be well matched, so as to obtain dry shiitake mushrooms with appropriate quality and qualified quality.

The price of mushroom dryer ranges from several thousand yuan for small ones to several hundred thousand yuan for large ones. Therefore, we should purchase equipment suitable for our own budget and output.


The small mushroom dryer also needs to use three-phase electric design, so the mushroom meat is thick and the drying time is not short, so the power required by the oven will be more stable.

Large mushroom dryer can only use three-phase electricity. The heat required for drying large quantities of mushrooms is not low, so a large amount of heat is required. The power required by the control system is also dozens of kilowatts, so three-phase electricity is very necessary.

If the mushroom dryer is designed with mesh belt structure, the price will vary from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands. The price will be calculated after the design according to different customer requirements. The mushroom dryer of Nanchong pioneer technology is customized according to the requirements of different customers. You can design the mushroom dryer with 4-8 layers of mesh belt. The design is different and the price is different. Therefore, you need more information and can consult specifically.

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