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How flower dryers machine achieve drying roses

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Rose heat pump dryer adopts low temperature, enhanced circulating air, and strong moisture exhaust for drying, which can ensure the natural color of roses, full shape, no damage to the flower shape, no damage to its natural medicinal effect, no loss of nutrients, high degree of automation of the heat pump dryer, no need for personal supervision, the drying process is all done by flower dryer machine.

flower dryer   flower dryer machine

Here is the content list:

l Pre-treatment of roses before drying.

l Rose arrangement material.

l Understanding the parameters of roses

Pre-treatment of roses before drying.

There are industry players in the drying of roses before the color protection treatment, the specific implementation can change the PH value within the flower cytosol, or high temperature killing to increase the stability of pigments, as well as kill or blunt the enzymatic activity within the material to protect the color treatment.

Rose arrangement material.

The rose pistil is loaded into the material in layers. 14P air energy heat pump drying one host with about 50 cubic meters of polyurethane insulation drying room, a batch can be put into the flower pistil about 2000 pounds. The whole drying room can be loaded into 8 material carts, each material cart is divided into 12-14 layers, the layer spacing is about 8-12cm. material carts must use 304 stainless steel screens, to avoid production pollution of materials.

Understanding the parameters of roses

The wet-dry ratio of roses is about 4:1. When loading flowers, try not to exceed the recommended loading capacity to avoid affecting the shape of the flowers and the dried flowers' appearance. Rose drying, push the material cart into the drying room, close the drying room door, turn on the power of the dryer, and set the drying parameters on the microcomputer control board of the heat pump dryer. The parameters can be regulated according to the customer's previous drying experience. As an example, set 5 segments on the parameter board.

Reference process for roses (different manufacturers' equipment, as well as equipment not used (open, closed), and different project locations, the drying process is not the same, for reference only)

1 stage; adjust the drying mode, this stage does not drain the moisture, drying 1 hour

2 stage; temperature set to about 50 degrees, and then start dehumidification, the humidity will be removed to 40%

3 stage; raise the temperature 10 degrees, the target humidity down to about 30%

4 stage: the temperature remains unchanged, the target humidity down to 20%

5 stage: you can adjust the temperature down appropriately and target humidity down to 15%. Check the degree of drying of the roses.

Drying at the same time pay attention to the drying room receiving water tray receiving water, if the water is full need to promptly replace the receiving tray, the excluded water to retain the collection, which is the rose dew is the raw material for the extraction of rose essential oil.

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