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Does the mesh belt dryer work well

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Compared with the traditional drying method, the mesh belt dryer has the advantages of good drying effect, automatic control of temperature and humidity during drying, stable quality, energy conservation and environmental protection, and large-scale production. It saves time and effort and can meet the market demand.

mesh belt dryer

Advantages of mesh belt dryer:

1. The adoption of multi-layer mesh belt structure can greatly reduce the user's investment in the construction of the plant;

2. Due to the large drying area of the equipment, the automatic mesh belt dryer realizes continuous production in large quantities;

3. High heat energy utilization rate, high drying efficiency, short drying cycle, large processing capacity and low processing cost;

4. The whole processing process is sulfur free to ensure the production of green food;

5. PLC control is adopted, which is simple and convenient, intuitive display, reliable operation, and the operation control of the whole machine is integrated in one cabinet;

6. The mesh belt dryer can meet the needs of various materials and different production scales.

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