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Cocoon drying machine operation process

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Cocoon drying machine, insiders know that its purpose is to prevent cocoon storage during the live pupae into the realm, the parasitic fly eggs left behind by the silkworm body out of maggots and pupae decay and damage the cocoon layer, but also make the cocoon layer after heat treatment to properly change the soluble nature of the outer layer of silk glue, enhance the ability to cook cocoon resistance, protect the cocoon unshu, conducive to silk reeling and storage. In order to obtain a higher quality of drying cocoon, many manufacturers did try a number of methods, but always in the traditional method of playing circles in the direct drying method and re-drying method. But either one has a fatal weakness straight dry method will be a fresh cocoon baked into a suitable dry cocoon at once, although simplifying the operation process, reducing the chance of cocoon damage, it is easy to cause a backlog of the fresh cocoon. In order to improve the quality, most manufacturers use a cocoon dryer.

Here is the content list:

l Before using

l Pre-heating stage

l Isometric drying stage

l Deceleration drying stage

Before using

With heat pump dryer before baking cocoons, the amount of cocoon laying according to the thickness of cocoon laying, generally not more than 2 ½ cocoon height across, using vertical penetrating airflow of hot air circulation type dryer to not more than 3-grain height. The main process conditions for cocoon drying is the temperature, humidity, wind speed, the amount of cocoon laying and drying time, and other five, which temperature, humidity, wind speed on cocoon drying speed and dry cocoon quality has a greater impact, must be consistent with the dry slow winter stage of moisture evaporation law, such as temperature should be gradually reduced from high to low, humidity by low gradually adjusted high, wind speed from large to small gradually adjusted small.

Pre-heating stage

Fresh cocoon heating, heat penetration through the cocoon layer into the cocoon cavity to kill the nymphal body, so that the nymphal body moisture into the evaporation period. At this stage, the temperature should gradually rise, and a sharp rise.

Isometric drying stage

The most evaporation of pupae body moisture, the fastest evaporation rate of the period. In this period, the pupae body moisture diffusion rate and cocoon layer surface evaporation rate is in equilibrium, cocoon layer temperature is lower than the air temperature in the drying room, and the pupae body temperature is lower than the cocoon layer temperature, and it continues until the pupae body moisture diffusion rate gradually lags behind the cocoon layer surface evaporation rate.

Deceleration drying stage

Cocoon moisture gradually reduced, the evaporation rate correspondingly slower period. Within this period, the temperature of the cocoon gradually rises to a temperature close to the hot air. When the internal evaporation of the nymphal body, deceleration drying that is from the first stage to the second stage, until the end of drying.

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