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What is a multi-layer belt dryer machine?

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The multi-layer belt dryer machine is a piece of continuous drying equipment for batch production. It is used for drying flakes, strips, and granular materials with good air permeability. It has high moisture content for dehydrated vegetables, catalysts, and Chinese herbal medicines. The material that does not allow high temperature is particularly suitable; the dryer machine has the advantages of fast drying speed, high evaporation intensity, and good product quality. It can meet the drying and mass continuous production of vegetable materials such as roots, stems, leaves, strips, blocks, flakes, and large particles while retaining the nutrients and colors of the products to a large extent.

Typical drying materials are garlic slices, pumpkin, carrots, konjac, yam, bamboo shoots, horseradish, onions, apples, etc. You can understand what a multi-layer belt dryer machine is from the following 3 points:

1. Overview of multi-layer belt dryer machine

2. Features of multi-layer belt dryer machine

3. The principle of multi-layer belt dryer machine


Overview of multi-layer belt dryer machine

The multi-layer belt dryer machine is suitable for the large-scale production of difficult-to-dry materials with a low drying rate. The equipment has a compact structure, a small footprint, simple operation, convenient maintenance and stable operation. It can be designed into different hot air circulation drying forms according to the drying characteristics of the material. It is an extension and improvement of the hot air circulation oven and is widely used in metallurgical additives, chemicals, food, packaging and other fields. With the advancement of technology and the improvement of the technical content of products, the research of multi-layer belt dryers is also underway, realizing the large-scale and diversified production capacity of the dryer. It has the advantages of high efficiency, energy-saving and easy management.


Features of multi-layer belt dryer machine

The dryer area, air volume, temperature, etc. can be adjusted, adjusted according to the characteristics of different vegetables to maximize the storage of vitamins, carbohydrates, proteins and other nutrients.

According to the different characteristics of vegetables, different process water processes and necessary auxiliary equipment can be added.


The principle of multi-layer belt dryer machine

The vegetable dehydration dryer machine is composed of a feeder, drying bed, heat exchanger and moisture exhaust fan and other main components.

When the dryer machine is working, the cold air is heated by the heat exchanger, and the scientific and reasonable circulation method is adopted to make the hot airflow through the material to be dried on the bed surface for uniform heat and mass exchange. The hot airflow in each unit of the machine body plays the role of the circulating fan Circulate hot air under low temperature and high humidity, and then exhaust the air with low temperature and high humidity to complete the whole drying process smoothly and efficiently.


Sichuan Nanchong Shouchuang Technology Development Co., Ltd is an enterprise that develops from micro-machines to large-scale complete processing systems. It has devoted more than 40 years to researching dryer machines. It has a strong technical force, perfect test system, precise processing equipment and strict Management system.

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