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What are the characteristics of grain dryer machine

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Grain dryer machine is a collective name for various drying equipment of grain dryer, and it can also be a grain dryer. How to use the dryer correctly in the working process can be learned from the following two aspects

1. Product features of grain dryer machine

2. Precautions during use



Product features of grain dryer machine

The grain dryer machine has the following characteristics

(1) Mechanized continuous operation, stable performance, convenient operation, and saving civil construction investment.

(2) The adaptability is strong, and it can take into account the drying of multiple varieties of grain.

(3) Waste heat recovery and utilization to reduce energy consumption.

(4) The grain is dried thoroughly and evenly, and the dried grain can be directly stored in the warehouse.

(5) The unit heat consumption is low, which can ensure the quality of the dried grain without pollution.


Precautions during use

(1) Different types of grains and rice should be dried differently from the conventional ones. When the rice is overdue and has not been harvested, there has been a phenomenon of bursting waist or explosive waste varieties in the field, a large number of cold-damaged rice, broken rice, and unrefined rice are mixed in the rice, and the drying speed should be set to "slower". "Slow" or low-temperature range, 3-4°C lower than the control temperature. For immature rice with a lot of green grains, increase the stop moisture setting value by 5-6%


(2) Frequently use drying for cleaning and maintenance when idle. Clean up in time, clean up the remaining grains, and close the inlet and outlet, which is beneficial to the life of the machine and improves the efficiency of the drying operation


(3) The amount of grain loaded should meet the requirements, and it should not be too much or too little. Too much loading will easily cause blockage; too little loading will not only reduce the operating efficiency but also affect the drying quality. When the full amount is reached, there is still a small amount of rice that can not be added, it can be fed within 1 hour after the drying starts, and the feeding within 1 hour will not cause uneven drying of the grain dryer machine.


(4) When drying rice and wheat with extremely high moisture content, in order to prevent bridging, after the material is fed to the first window, it should be cycled and dried immediately, that is, the material is fed and dried at the same time. Otherwise, there will be many disadvantages such as affecting the germination rate, easy peeling, longer drying time, fuel consumption, and unsatisfactory color after drying.


(5) The impurity rate of grains should not be too high. For example, wet grains and wheat mixed with a large amount of rice straw, wheat stalks and other sundries will affect the flow of grains, make some grains unable to get good circulation, cause uneven drying, and even ferment; at the same time, it will increase power consumption, oil consumption, and reduce efficiency. Therefore, you need to make a rough selection before drying


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