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Types, advantages and disadvantages of spice dryer machine

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Spice dryer is a collective name for all kinds of spice dryer equipment. For example, corn dryers, rice dryers, rice dryers, wine residue dryers, etc., we can all call them spice dryers. Different dryer machines can be divided according to the relative movement direction of spice and airflow:

1. Crossflow dryer machine

2. Mixed flow dryer machine

3. Downstream dryer machine

4. Dryer with countercurrent, mixed countercurrent and mixed flow


Crossflow dryer machine

The Crossflow dryer machine is a mostly cylindrical screen or square tower screen structure

The advantage is

The manufacturing process is simple, the installation is convenient, the cost is low, and the production efficiency is high.

weakness is

The uniformity of spice drying is poor, and the unit heat consumption is high. Many kinds of spices can be dried on one machine. Some spices are difficult to meet the quality requirements after being dried. The internal and external sieve holes are cleaned frequently.


Mixed flow dryer machine

Mixed-flow dryer machines are mostly tower structures composed of triangular or pentagonal boxes staggered. Compared with cross-flow, its advantages are:

(1) The hot air is supplied uniformly, and the moisture content of the spice after drying is more uniform;

(2) Low specific heat consumption

(3) The fan power required under the same conditions is small, and the unit consumption of the drying medium is also small;

(4) There are wide varieties of dried spices, which can be used for drying spices and seeds;

(5) Easy to clean up and not easy to mix.

weakness is:

(1) The structure is complex, and the manufacturing cost is slightly higher under the same productivity;

(2) The precipitation of a small part of the spices at the four corners of the dryer is slow.


Down stream dryer machine

Downstream dryer machines are mostly tower structures that combine funnel-type air inlets and angular box exhaust ducts. It is different from mixed-flow dryer machines that use one main air duct to supply hot air, but multiple hot air ducts. Supply different or partly the same hot air. The advantages are:

(1) The use of hot air has a high temperature, generally, the temperature in the first-level high-temperature section can reach 150-250℃;

(2) The unit heat consumption is low, which can ensure the quality of the dried spice;

(3) Dryers with three-stage downstream and above have the advantage of reducing large water content and can obtain higher productivity;

(4) A large amount of precipitation during continuous drying

(5) It is most suitable for drying food crops and seeds with high moisture content.

The weakness is:

(1) The structure is more complicated and the manufacturing cost is higher

(2) The thickness of the spice layer is large, the required high-pressure fan power is large, and the price is high.


Forward and countercurrent, mixed countercurrent and co-mixed flow dryers

Pure countercurrent dryers are rarely produced and used. Pure countercurrent dryers are rarely produced and used. Most of them are used in conjunction with other air dryers

The advantage of countercurrent cooling is that the natural cold wind can fully contact the spices, which can increase the cooling speed and appropriately reduce the height of the cooling section to achieve high temperature and rapid drying, improve the drying capacity, and ensure the quality and moisture content of the spice without increasing the unit heat consumption. Evenly.


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