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Structure and technology of medicinal materials dryer

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The traditional natural sun drying of Chinese herbs is done by sunlight, and in today's modernization, most of them are used for drying by a heat source such as coal, natural gas, biofuel, etc. With the strengthening of environmental protection awareness, the above methods are gradually withdrawn from the historical stage, so what kind of drying technology will we use to process Chinese herbs in the future? What is the structure of the medicinal materials dryer?

Here is the content list:

l Structure of medicinal materials dryer

l Principle of herbal medicine drying machine

l Technology that should be used in medicinal materials dryer

Structure of medicinal materials dryer

The main structure of herbal dryer: 1. Heat source air energy heat pump unit; 2. Heat insulation herbal baking room; 3. Hot air circulation device inside the drying room; 4. Automatic moisture removal device; 5. Temperature and humidity intelligent control device; 6. Material tray and trolley for placing herbal medicines.

Principle of herbal medicine drying machine

The main working principle of the herb dryer is that the refrigerant is compressed by the compressor and becomes high temperature and high-pressure gas, which enters the condenser and condenses and liquefies, and exerts heat for heating the air in the drying room, thus providing the drying room temperature. Through the formation of hot air to make the moisture in the Chinese herbal materials vaporize and evaporate, the evaporated water vapor is discharged by the moisture discharge system, to achieve the purpose of drying Chinese herbal materials. At the same time, the heat recovery device can be used in the moisture discharge system, and the recovered heat can be used to heat the fresh air, which can save about 60% of the energy consumption of fresh air preheating, thus achieving the effect of energy-saving.

Technology that should be used in medicinal materials dryer

Active pulse air supply technology

The system achieves active temperature control through layers and profiles, active air supply control through certain evaluation rates, maximum preservation of material color, flavor, and other inherent qualities, and increases drying efficiency by more than 21%.

Internal Circulation Technology

The initial small air supply and large circulation technology combined with temperature and humidity recognition technology are used to reduce the consumption of drying efficiency and increase the combined energy efficiency ratio by more than 27%.

Multi-stage pulse drying technology

Pulsed drying technology is implanted based on combined dynamic and static drying to solve the skin impact of finished product rupture, blistering, browning, and long drying cycles and maximize the quality of dry products.

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