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Structure and characteristics of belt dryer machine

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The belt dryer machine is especially suitable for materials with high moisture content and high heat sensitivity. The hot air generated by the hot air stove/electric heating tube is used as the drying medium, and the hot air is delivered to the dryer to dry the material through the hot air distribution part. High production efficiency and good product quality. The belt dryer machine can be understood from the following two aspects.

1. The structure of the belt dryer machine

2. Features of belt dryer machine


The structure of the belt dryer machine

(1) Single-stage belt dryer machine: The material is evenly distributed on the conveyor belt through the feeding device. The speed of the conveyor belt can be adjusted. The drying cabinet is usually divided into several units which can be controlled independently. There is an isolation section between the drying sections that do not circulate.

(2) Multi-stage belt dryer machine: It is composed of multiple single-stage belt dryers connected in series, and its working principle is the same as that of a single-stage belt dryer.

(3) Multi-layer belt dryer machine: Multi-layer belt dryer is often used in occasions where the drying speed is relatively low, the drying time is longer, and it can be kept constant throughout the drying process. The multi-layer belt dryer has a small footprint and a simple structure.

(4) Impact belt dryer machine: The impact belt dryer is suitable for drying the surface coating of sheet materials such as fabrics, tobacco leaves, and substrates. The impact belt machine is usually composed of two conveyor belts and can be controlled independently.


Features of belt dryer machine

(1) Stable transportation of materials. The vibration and impact of the material on the belt dryer are slight and it is not easy to be powdered and broken.

(3) It can be mass-produced continuously to maximize the nutrition and color of the product.

(4) The air volume, heating temperature, material residence time and feeding speed can be adjusted to achieve the best drying effect.

(5) Independent patented technology dryer equipment, multi-stage pulse drying technology and unique air supply mode can prevent damage to materials caused by water immersion drying.

(6)The drying medium is pollution-free, completely endangering food safety, energy-saving and environmental protection.

(7) The unique air distribution device makes the hot air distribution more even to ensure consistent quality.

(8) The heat source can be steam, heat transfer oil, electricity or coal

(9)The entire production line only needs 1-2 people to operate. The drying output is large, the drying speed is fast, the efficiency of the dry product is high, the oil is saved, the thermal efficiency is high, and the color of the dry product is good.

(10)Stainless steel materials and food-grade conveyors ensure that the products meet hygienic standards.


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