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Price of fully automatic chili dryer

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Price of fully automatic chili dryer

How much is a automatic chili dryer? Depending on the customization situation, prices vary depending on the production volume. Nanchong is the first technology professional manufacturer of chili drying machines, with chili drying machines ranging from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands of RMB. Customized according to requirements, it is more flexible.

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Automatic chili dryer is a large-scale equipment specialized in drying chili peppers. The automation effect of chili drying is good, and there is not much manual operation required. Customization can be made according to customer requirements, with a beautiful and elegant appearance, high temperature resistance, and good insulation effect. After drying, it can maintain the bright color and plump fruit shape of dried chili peppers, which have inherent capsaicin. During the drying process, it can accelerate water loss, effectively shorten the drying cycle of chili peppers, and improve their drying efficiency.


The central part of the chili dryer is mainly a multi-layer mesh belt structure drying room, using 304 stainless steel 12 mesh mesh, with a material paving of about 5 kilograms per square meter. A single machine can dry from 5 tons to 25 tons per day, and equipment recommendations are made based on different user requirements. The automation degree is high, and the entire processing process requires very few manual operations, reducing manual labor.

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