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Information of copra drying machine

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Copra drying machine overcomes the shortcomings of other series of equipment in the actual use of some materials, and makes the structure of belt dryer more perfect and reasonable, with a wider range of application, stable and convenient operation, and high thermal efficiency.

Here is the content list:

l Working Principle

l Copra special drying machine Equipment features

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Working Principle

The copra drying machine distributes the materials to be dried evenly on the mesh belt which can be operated at adjustable speed through the suitable feeding device, and the hot air passes through the gap between the mesh belt and the materials respectively during drying, so that each surface of the dried materials becomes the heated surface, which significantly increases the heat exchange contact area between the materials and the hot air and shortens the evaporation and diffusion distance of the moisture inside the materials so that the drying can be carried out with excellent effect. The independent horizontal circulation of the hot air unit makes the hot air more penetrating, and the control of temperature and air volume is more flexible and convenient, so it has wider adaptability to different kinds and nature of materials.

Copra special drying machine Equipment features

1、The heat exchanger and mesh belt drying room are arranged separately, and another heat exchanger room is set up on the side of the drying room to effectively avoid the bad contact between the material powder and the heat exchanger.

2、The hot air circulation method is changed from longitudinal multi-unit tandem flow to lateral unit circulation to realize independent circulation control of each unit, which effectively increases the circulating air volume and brings many advantages such as high penetration of hot air, high thermal utilization rate, high efficiency, and energy-saving, flexible unit control and good controllability. It is the ideal and reliable production equipment for the majority of users.

3、Do not destroy the shape of the material, the material in the dryer is a stationary state of movement, will not produce mechanical damage to the shape of the material phenomenon.

4、Users can set suitable operating conditions, and flexibly adjust the temperature, air volume, mesh belt running speed, and other operating conditions according to the hot air circulation mode and drying status.

5、Free to adjust the moisture of the finished material, because the flow and residence time of the material in the dryer can be freely adjusted, so the moisture of the processed product can be set arbitrarily.

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